Whispers of Amazement


Whispers of amazement flood my heart this morning. My drive to work is about 30 minutes. I am privileged to listen to amazing worship during this time. Some days I am in tears, some days I am shouting for joy. I think this is the whole reason I love to drive.

This morning it was Elevation Worship (I added a youtube link..I am new at this so I hope is shows up). The lyrics to this song are so powerful. The emotions of the song leave me breathless.

When I think of the reasons that Christ came to die for me I am struck dumb. When I think of the reasons He should not have brings me back to all the reasons He did. I am nothing special. I am not a super hero from the old testament, nor a super spiritual person who walked the earth with Him. I am just plain old ordinary me.

However, When I think of my loved husband up in heaven, I am so very thankful that Christ suffered and loved me so much. When I understand the amount of love it takes to really “lay a life down”, “suffer death”, to “die for someone”, I gasp at the magnitude of it. I am not talking about a soldier attitude of cavalier moments. I am not talking of the responsibility of it. I am referring to the amount of love that says I will suffer so much pain, so much humiliation, so much rejection so that you may live. Not just survive, but thrive! Be in a place that Father God is proud of you.

Oh my the amazement in how God plans it all out…Stand tall my friend. Visit the cross. Visit the grave. Understand what grace means and why the cross had to happen!!

Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

One thought on “Whispers of Amazement”

  1. Wendy, your blog today is spot on. When I think of Christ’s sacrifice, and God’s love to have such grace toward us, it moves me to silence and to tears. I can’t even express what I am trying to say, but agree with every word you have written.

    Keep up the inspiring work, my dear friend!

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