Whispers of Compassion

(Photo above was taken by a friend of mine  —  Byron Tilus from Buffalo MN)

The days are getting shorter as the summer begins to slip away. Everyone begins to feel it. The time seems different. The birds sound different. Clouds seem a bit deeper in color. The color of the sky behind the prolific clouds seems different.

Little animals scurry around from nest to nest, to tree to tree. Their chatter signals the change of seasons. The night seems to hang onto the embrace of the world. Releasing its hold only when the dawn forces it to retreat.

Where is the compassion of the day? The compassion that says, “Don’t worry, there is still time”. That is slowly receding just as the sun sets earlier and earlier.

The world is in chaos. The normal hurricane season has approached with the tenacity that this could be the last of its kind. The waters that flood the earth will not be permanent, it will not cover the whole earth. The promise of the rainbow reminds us of this. The fires raging in many states scream for attention. Earthquakes in diverse places with more to come. Countries with political issues cry for help and none is forth coming.

Proverbs 14:21 MSG. “It is criminal to ignore a neighbor in need, but compassion for the poor-what a blessing!

Compassion means different things to people. Some say it is allowing for inadequacy. Some say it is harsh punishment that turns the heart or the action. Compassion to me, means meeting basic needs.

People need. Right now, the basics of life is the most important. Many in Houston Texas are still without shelter and access to what is now thought of as luxuries. Things like hot showers, air conditioning, normal food. With this lack comes compassion.

Whispers of compassion breed among those who choose to listen and talk about it. The times that we live in do not allow for this. Media says that to show compassion means to show weakness. This is as old as the fall of man back in the garden.

after my husband passed into glory, many showed me kindness. My basic needs were met. For a time. Then everyone went back to their living. I continued to struggle. House became difficult. The money I was supposed to be saving…went to housing. Moving from state to state left me with little. Most of all it left me with no one to help me.

I have learned to show the utmost compassion when I have nothing. It seems I must have something if I can still give something.

Some day..this world will end…will you have showed compassion? to the least of these?

Photo credit to my friends back in Minnesota Byron Tilus.

Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

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