Whispers That Tell a Story

Come on and lean in. Come on and get close. Are you comfy?

let me tell you a story. In a land far, far away there lived a princess..

Wait..stop..not another fairy tale. No, this one is not. This one is a real life story. This young lady dreamed of her prince in shining armor. She prayed daily for just the right one. At the young age of 20 their paths crossed while at Bible school. They fell in love, married at a young age and built a fairy tale life. 3 kids, a beautiful home, many wonderful friends.

Then the evil one came and stole the love. He left behind such pain and desolation. He robbed them of peace of mind and left them the burdens of life.

Does this sound at all like a story you have heard before?

BUT GOD! I have and will continue to claw and fight for the daily reminders that God has a plan, a purpose and He is so worth all of the glory my little life can shine for Him. My story will not end here.

I am so glad that my life has not stopped in the pain..but has moved on. The evil one does not like that I am pushing on. Each time I start my writing up, he has always fought me. This time, I have now lost my job and the transmission went out on my 15 year old high mileage vehicle. Not only am I living under someone else’s roof, but I am now car-less.

Having this latest thrown at me.. I screamed….I cried…and shouted at that evil one and told him in no uncertain terms would he succeed in pulling me away from my Jesus! Some days I feel like Job. Bring it on evil one…do your best..because my God is bigger then you! My God will supply all my needs in Christ Jesus!

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted”.

Matthew 5:4

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Psalm 55:22

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7

Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

3 thoughts on “Whispers That Tell a Story”

  1. Very touching, Wendy. Been studying the Book of Job the last few weeks and (as you stated) the key is to keep looking up!

    Here is another very encouraging message & very powerful. I’ve watched this 2x now & still have not distilled everything taught. God’s Blessings!


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