Whispers of Joy

I have a Christmas wish. I will get to it in a moment.

Let me tell you a story, a Christmas story. I grew up with very loving parents. like most, they wanted to teach their children to appreciate the things they had. Birthday gifts, and general thoughtful gifts through out the year. Because of this leading desire, they decided to not celebrate Christmas. I was young, in grade school, I think around 3rd grade. My heart was crushed. I loved the celebrations of the season. The songs, the lights, the tree, the pageants. I could not sulk forever, so life moved on.

When I was 22, I married the love of my heart. He was all that I wanted in a man and exactly what I needed. We were married in September of 1990. We talked and dreamed on how we would spend our first Christmas. We found a beautiful tree. However, we were lacking a few things. Ornaments. We were pretty poor back then, but we work many hours and spent many an evening sitting with the lights off and the tree on. It is amazing that you can’t see the ornaments at night. We were gone during the day so it didn’t matter.

I was working as a secretary for an insurance company, he was working selling auto parts. My office held a gift exchange. My gift was a Christmas ornament. The sweet older lady gave me our first ornament. She sought me out and told me her story, her and her husband bought 1 new ornament a year, nothing else for the tree. As her family grew and changed, so did her tree. She knew I was newly married and wanted to share this with us.

I was so moved by this, that I started this tradition also. My tree was very empty for many years, now it is over flowing with 25 years of memories. Each ornament tells the story of the journey. I filled those days from Thanksgiving to long after Christmas celebrating the season. Cooking with the kids, crafts for little hands, entertaining friends, playing games with the kids and friends., bonfires in the snow, oh the many memories of joyous days.

My wish, I didn’t forget. My wish for Christmas would be one thing. it would be family. That each of the people in my life would just take some time and do, not talk about doing, but do something so selfless that it changes a life. Let it start in my home. Let it start with each of my children. I wish that the selfless act would change not only the receiver, but the giver too.

I don’t have much. I feel like I won the lotter with my new job. I finally for 2 months in a row, paid all my bills, well, except maybe a few medical bills and an old phone bill. But I am finally making progress. I want to give of myself not of money or things. I work hard and do this year round. But I love the holiday season. I still love the music. The pretty lights on the tree. Sweet twinkling house lights in the neighborhood. The first walk at night in the light snow fall.

oh and I love Christmas caroling. That is my most favorite thing to do. Yes Christmas is about the Christ child…but to me…it so much more than that. It is the time of the winter solstice. Where the night is the darkest, but the lanterns and twinkle lights are the brightest. The time where you can sit and think for long periods. A time of reflection and desire to change the future. God can, and He will, be part of all of that if we just meditate. Sing a few songs. Dance around a decorate a tree. Bake up some yummy treats to help warm the house on cool evening. Talk to and cheer each other up. That is what it is all about. Share the Good News!! Celebrate Life! Celebrate joy!


Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

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