Whispers of Change, Again

Times are changing again. As I write this things are swirling around me. My old amazing house is up for sale. The work it has taken to get here, exhausting.

Times are changing again. As I write this things are swirling around me. My old amazing house is up for sale. The work it has taken to get here, exhausting. Mental anguish,

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and of course, financially depleting. I am proud of the work completed. It has not even been a week up for sale, and we have a contract. The pain of this process has been exacerbated by family. The severity of the anger has taken a toll on me. But I stand before God, not man.

My future, yeah…that thing that everyone wants to know about, me included, is very bright. Where can I go when I am homeless? That is the question. My children are ok for now. One in college dorm, one in a rental room. One, he is struggling to find affordable rental space. The rent is affordable, just not enough of them. I am confident God will open doors for him. Me? Well…God is taking me places.

I know that this has been all about me..however…I wanted to convey to you all one thing. God’s peace is deep. It runs like a large swift moving river. Peace overwhelms me often in my day. It is profound. It is AMAZING! God has brought me here, He will take care of me. I still hold to my dreams. I won’t stop pursuing them. Being homeless for a short time is ok if it gets me where I need to be. A short time. A short interlude on the amazing path of God.

If you take the time to listen, I have plenty to say. I will tell you how amazing God is. I will tell you how much He loves you. How God sings over you. It does not matter that you don’t follow rules. It does not matter if you have hurt others. God will reach your heart. He has more to say to you. Are you listening? You are not alone.

I have a family funeral this week. It hits close to home. I have to watch my kids go through the valley of death one more time. More whispers. Those ugly ones that try and pull me away from God. More whispers, the amazing beautiful ones that God breathes over us. His words are so precious. His words give life. His whispers are calming to my spirit. Only He can calm the raging storms of life.

Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

3 thoughts on “Whispers of Change, Again”

  1. My condolences on the loss of your family member. Your strength simply amazes me Wendy. Clearly it comes from that well of peace from the Prince of Peace. Praises going up that God is opening doors for you every step of the way. Hug the kids for me, say hi from Minnesota. Hope to see you soon!


  2. Awesome word! I love you my friend and God bless your family. I’m doing well and will continue to because God is willing and so good all the time. He loves us so much! This time of year is when we lost my grandson and son in law in Dec. 20, 2016. Both daughters are doing well and granddaughter is marvelous. Iwatch her most every four hours while mama’s at work. I’m here in TN for them!


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