Whispers of Refuge

The face of stress. What does it look like.

The red rimmed eyes

The blown blood vessels in the eyes

The extra aging lines appear in the forehead

The face that has no emotions

The body language that says “leave me be”

The flat tone of the voice.

Oh how many times we pass them by. How many times we find ourselves one of these.

What can you say to them to “make it all better”?

Everyone has a view on how to “fix” it (life).

I am down to a week or so and hopefully my house will sell and four more people will be homeless. This, this is the deadline. Today, I could not go to work. The physical pain and the work to get there was too much. I couldn’t do it…now what? Will God show up? Yes He will. But, once again, I can not make others obey the directions that God wants from them. I am at the mercy of people, but I am at the mercy of a loving God who will open the doors when they are ready.

I know what has to happen. I am one of those stressed to the max individuals. I know where I am to go and do. God has outlined the process. I don’t like this process. It is lonely. It is painful.

BUT GOD!! I am not alone. God has sent angels to help. Miracles have happened around me. Yet Satan does not want me to see it. Turning away from the goodness of God is easy.

Keep me on the path. One step. One more. I have The One Who supports and upholds me when I am weak.

Oh yes. I am walking with Him. I cry for those who suffer alone. I weep for those who think they can do life on their own. I want to shake them and say. “NO YOU CAN’T” !!

If I die from stress and life’s problems…if I die because of my health..if I die of homelessness.. I WILL gain heaven!! This I know. This I hang onto. This I am grateful for every day I wake up.

With red rimmed eyes

With blown blood vessels in my eyes

With a face of no emotions

With a worn out breath.

This is me. I look forward. Always up wards. God is my refuge.

Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

One thought on “Whispers of Refuge”

  1. Powerful, power-filled words Wendy. Thank you for continuing to write. Prayers going up for you as you transition to your new residence. Prayers for your peace, and gratitude that you share this journey with us. You are inspiring me and reminding me of the loving God we serve who is always with us. Thank you.


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