Whispers of the Wind

This, this is the wind that whispers deep and tickles the ears. The one that heralds a fresh start. The coaxing of the impossible. “Come on, you will miss out if you don’t try”, as it pushes gently.

The wind has a voice. It howls. It growls. It has a fierce whisper. The trees with arms raised in surrender shake in the midst of the power of the wind. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? The wind is not a quiet whisper. It is menacing. Stalking. It waits for no one. It is determined to pursue, chasing the fallen leaves across the land. It is full of vengeance, and accusations. This ugly storm does not stop on its own. It picks up what ever is available and flings it around like a petulant child in the throws of a temper tantrum. It is destine to blow away that which is not strong enough.

“you can’t do it!”, it whispers.

“you are no body!”, it sneers.

“you are worthless!”, it whispers.

“No one will listen!”, it floats in the ears.

This is the type of wind that forces us to our knees. To the place inside that no one knows about. Maybe we have heard it so often we don’t recognize it any more. It becomes just another noise in the rhymes of life. I am strong enough to withstand it’s voice. I was made to handle this. So were you!

The wind begins to change. It softens around the edges. It begins to tease the senses and caress the face. It plays with the longest and shortest of hair. It has a sound as of  laughing and teasing. It carries the most beautiful smells of earth and herbs. This is the wind that stirs the limbs into motion. It beckons a playmate to come for a walk. It persuades the sun to linger and chases the clouds and fog away for awhile.

This, this is the wind that whispers deep and tickles the ears. The one that heralds a fresh start. The coaxing of the impossible. “Come on, you will miss out if you don’t try”, as it pushes gently.

“Don’t worry, you’ve got this.” It whispers confidently.

The dichotomy of two winds is often the same in life. When someone swings often between these two, the professionals want to use a label of bi-polar or other mental ills. However, most of all human beings swing between this. One of my favorite bible characters is King David. He’s the guy that wrote all of the Psalms. His life is played out for all to see in the book of 1 Kings. I often can relate to his thinking. I also can understand how he holds so fast to the basic knowledge of God’s calling. He believed one man, a prophet and based his whole life on this mans words.

What part of the whispers of wind are most effective? The one that brings the most change into our lives. God is not done with us. God has plans for me, for you. He will strive, just like the wind, to get us closer to Himself. Create in me a clean heart…whatever that takes. Where ever it takes me. May I always look for God’s plan in all I do.


Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

One thought on “Whispers of the Wind”

  1. Excellent blog, Wendy! Psalm 51 is my life psalm, just happens to be the year I was born as well! David is a wonderful example of how God can use us no matter how badly we err in this lifetime. With the winds of change you describe also come the breezes of God’s Holy Spirit, cleansing our hearts and minds and renewing our right spirit within each of us. Keep up the great work!


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