Whispers of Lamentations


Lamentations” was derived from a translation of the title as found in the Latin Vulgate (Vg.) translation of the Greek OT, the Septuagint (LXX), and conveys the idea of “loud cries.” https://www.gty.org/library/bible-introductions/MSB25/lamentations

Living my life now is so very different then when in a physical partnership with my husband. Every day I awoke knowing that what I did was for my family. Together we were strong. He was stronger because of me. I was strong because of him.

The simple things of life were a joyous expression of love for my kids and for him. I put my whole heart into serving not only my family, but my God. I knew if I served God and was obedient God would sort the rest out.

That faith, that simple faith, has been tested. It has been pulled apart. I have experienced lamentations to the extent that I am broken. I don’t know when repair will happen.

My children have suffered. I will always see things that happen to my children though jaded eyes. They have been abandoned by so many. Told one thing, shown another. Few people have stepped into their lives and shown them how to walk with God. Their constant was me and their dad. Now, just me. How inadequate I am.

I lament and pray for their souls every day. I walk my faith walk in front of the most critical of people. My children.

And, I do it alone. Somehow I know God will answer my prayers. I know my future will be….what? I don’t know…where? I don’t know…

I pray for a road to appear..a road I will walk..just show me God..I will go..I want to go…I have to go…. I just need to know…

How fitting that the book in the Bible named Lamentations is written over the destruction of Jerusalem. My beautiful city has been destroyed. I feel like I am in captivity. I will keep my head down, do what work is before me. Live in squalor if need be..but my God I will trust.

My children will see a woman who will trust God above all.

A woman who points the way to heaven.

My whisper of lament is a loud cry to my God.

Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

2 thoughts on “Whispers of Lamentations”

  1. There is much I would like to encourage you with, but I’m not sure to your broken heart those words might sound like platitudes. And you probably know this better than me but the God of all comfort is your Comforter. He is faithful and will never leave you alone, not even in your loneliness. Praying you know God’s comfort today.

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    1. That comfort is so very real. I write not for myself, there are so many who’s cities have been destroyed and have given up. I write for them. I write to show hope. To show that through God, all things are possible. God has not left me, He will not leave His children.
      Thank you for your prayers…hank you for encouraging me. 😘

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