Whispers of Fatigue

Whisper of fatigue in a solder.  He or maybé a she, grabs a few winks of rest anywhere they can. They just stop. The mind begins to do strange things. The solder needs to know their “6” is covered. 

I am tired. Oh so very tired. Not the kind of tired that if you take a nap one would feel refreshed. Although, I have not felt that either for a long long time. I mean the kind of tired that you just want to stop. Stop talking, stop thinking, stop moving, stop everything. I had a saying back in college, “stop world I want to get off”. Fatigue to core of who I am. 

Stay with me just a bit, please? I feel I could justify why I am so weary. I could list everything. I know you don’t want to read that list. You have your own list. I am sure it looks similar to mine. 

I remember another song growing up, called A Worrior is a Child. Twila Paris I think wrote it. I don’t want to break copywriter laws so I won’t post the words, but look them up. I feel so like the one in this song. My battle, this fight for life and pursute of happiness is a battle that is hard! It is beyond me. 

Oh but look, those tiny whispers of fatigue can be stopped. I work at dealing with it just as an athlete trains for a marathon. God made us too weak to handle life on our own. We can only do it when we put Biblical principles into the fabric of who we are and we of course have to weave a relationship with God himself. One with out the other is false religion! 

Go ahead, pick up the Bible. See how much God wants us to lean on Him in weary fatigue filled days and nights. He loves you! I know He loves me! How do I know this? My arms are upheld by His, my pain is only bearable because of Him! Find Him for yourself! Those whispers, yeah those, He hears them too. 
I give credit to the photo to my amazin cousin, Stephen Matthew. He serves his country selflessly. 

Author: thewidowwomanblog

I am a 53 year old widow who is watching her kids step out into life while holding tight to the Creator's hand.

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